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LAFCo Commissioners sit as independent decision-makers and are required by law to exercise their independent judgment on behalf of the general public within Mendocino County. Commissioners exercise their responsibilities to consider their decisions within a regional or county-wide perspective without regard to a specific interest group or government agency. 

The composition of LAFCo Commissions varies from county to county. Mendocino LAFCo is composed of seven regular Commissioners; two county supervisors appointed by the Board of Supervisors; two city council representatives selected by the City Selection Committee within Mendocino County; two special district respresentatives elected by the independent special districts of Mendocino County; and one public member selected by the other members of the Commission. For each category of members represented (county, city, special district, and public) there is one alternate. Alternate members may attend LAFCo meetings but only vote on items when a regular member from their category is absent. Each Commission member serves a four-year term. Mendocino LAFCo Commissioners receive a stipend of $50 to attend regular meetings of the Commission.

CommissionerMember RepresentationTerm Expiration (December 31)
Tony Orth, ChairSpecial Districts (Brooktrails Township CSD)2024
Scott Ignacio, Vice Chair                             City (Point Arena)2022
Gerald Ward, TreasurerPublic2022
Matthew FronebergerSpecial Districts (Russian River Flood Control District)2022
Gerardo GonzalezCity (Willits)2021
Glenn McGourtyCounty2024
Maureen MulherenCounty2024
Jenifer Bazzani, AlternateAlternate Special District (Ukiah Valley Fire District)2022
John Haschak, AlternateAlternate County2023
Richard Weinkle, AlternateAlternate Public 2023
Mari Rodin, AlternateAlternate City (Ukiah)2021