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Current Application Proposals

LAFCo is currently processing the following proposals. Please feel free to contact our office for more information at or by calling (707) 463-4470.


Elk Community Services District (LAFCo File No. L-2022-01)

Elk Community Services District proposes an activation of latent wastewater powers for leach field disposal of septic effluent serving 10 parcels within the District boundary.

Application Submittal Packet


City of Ukiah (LAFCo File No. A-2022-02)

The City of Ukiah proposes annexation of 27 parcels containing approximately 791 acres and a sphere amendment in the Western Hills of the Ukiah Valley for open space, access, and limited development, and allowing up to 20 dwelling units on 69 acres in the easternmost porion of the area.

1) A-2022-02 Justification of Proposal.pdf5) A-2022-02 Proposed Legal Description.pdf2) A-2022-02 Parcel List.pdf4) A-2022-02 Various GIS Maps.pdf3) A-2022-02 Proposed Annexation Map.pdf7) A-2022-02 CEQA IS-MND Addendum.pdf6) A-2022-02 Plan for Services.pdf


Anderson Valley Community Services District (LAFCo File No. A-2023-01)

Anderson Valley Community Services District proposes annexation of the District’s entire Sphere of Influence area for Fire and Ambulance services.

Application Submittal PacketProposed Annexation Map (A-2023-01)


City of Fort Bragg (LAFCo File No. P-2023-02)

The City of Fort Bragg has requested a Pre-Application Review  of a proposed annexation of City-owned properties.

Pre-Application Review Request


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