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Mendocino LAFCo Reimbursement Policy

To explain LAFCo policy on Commission compensation and reimbursements.

This Policy applies to all Commissioners.

Mendocino LAFCo recognizes the necessity for its board members to travel to conduct business, training, or attend meetings. Policy 3.7 from the Mendocino LAFCo Policies & Procedures Manual states the following:

  1. Special District, Public Members and their Alternates shall be eligible to receive a meeting per diem of $50.00 for Regular Commission meetings.
  2. Commission Members and Alternates are eligible for and may request mileage reimbursement at the standard federal rate for Regular Commission meetings.
  3. Commissioner Members and Alternates are eligible for reimbursement of actual costs associated with approved out-of-county travel, lodging, meals, and registration fees, and other necessary and reasonable expenses. The standard federal mileage rate and meal allowances as established by the California Department of Human Resources shall apply.
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